Employers’ sponsored healthcare plans since 1981
Employers’ sponsored healthcare plans since 1981




How can I access the Reserved Area for Associated Companies? Can I add another Company Contact person or deleting an existing one?

Each company contact person - the authorized person for the processing of the beneficiaries' data according to the privacy policy to manage the benefit plans and to receive any communication from ASSIDIM- has a personal password, to use together with your own company email address.
In order to request the password you need to access www.assidim.it, click on "RESERVED AREA", then on "ASSOCIATED (Companies and Institutions)" and then on "Forgotten password ? Click here".

From the Reserved area it is possible to add/delete company contact people.

For further information, visit the website page with video tutorials: https://www.assidim.it/video-tutorial/

What is the minimum contribution fee?

Benefits plans contribution is determined annualy by ASSIDIM and it includes a minum contribution fee in order to ensure ASSIDIM's operativity. If employers contribution, deducted the cost for financing the benefit plan, do not reach the level of the minimum fee,

a balance adjustment is applied.

What does "maximum salary cap" mean?

"Maximum salary cap" is the highest gross annual compensation, including the variables (es. bonuses, benefits) that the company expects to pay beneneficiaries during the year. Such data has to be provided for each category of beneficiaries.

ATTENTION: final salaries for the entire category shall not be entered.

Why is the "maximum salary cap" requested?

The maximum salary cap is used to verify that the company benefit plans (accident and permanent disabilities plans) which are based on multiples of compensation, covers the actual sums under risk.

If the indicated maximum salary cap exceeds the maximum covered by the plan, the company will be contacted by ASSIDIM's Broker partner in order to find a solution to avoid under-insurance.

Where can I enter the maximum compensation caps for accident and permanent disabilities plans?

In the reserved area, you have to select the “risk status- injuries and permanent disabilities”box. You will then find a dark blue link connecting you to the dedicated area for entering data.

Where can I update census data for healthcare plans?

Within the reserved area, you need to select the voice “risk status - healthcare” and access the “to be modified” risk status voice, thus accessing to the dedicated area.

How can I change benefits levels during the year for an healtchare plan's beneficiary?

The healthcare plan has year-round validity, so changes during the year imply the payment for higher benefits levels, without reimbursement of the previous unused balance. The company contact person can enter the benefits levels change on the website, but only starting validity from the next year. In oder to change during the year you shall write to assistenze@assidim.it

Where shall I enter final compensation data?

Within the reserved area, you need to select the voice “risk status- accident”. You will then find a dark blue link connecting you to the dedicated area.

What does " total compensation" mean?

It includes everything that the beneficiary receives as compensation (e.g. gross fixed salary, allowances, bonuses, etc. ).

How are contributions for the plans renewals calculated (accident and permanent disabilities)?

Renewal contributions are automatically calculated by ASSIDIM's system, and generally amount to 70% of last known definitive compensations (or they are equivalent to compensations indicated for the previous renewal).

The renewal contributions are to be considered as an estimate. Coverage is granted for all the registered categories, and the actual amout of the contributions will be asked by ASSIDIM at the end of the coverage period (the end of the year).


How are the compensations for ACCIDENTS plans H calculated?

This type of plan does not imply the contribution regulation at the end of the year (coverage period), so the Company needs to comunicate to ASSIDIM expected compensations for the next year, in order to allow contribution regulation.

The Company will receive a written request for next year's renewal from ASSIDIM during November.

Do ACCIDENTS and PERMANENT DISABILITY plans require notice of during-the-year variations (adding or deleting beneficiaries) or website updates?

ACCIDENTS and PERMANENT DISABILITY plans based on mutiples of compensation do not require specific census data.

When adding or deleting new beneficiaries during-the-year, no commmunication is required from the Company: the only thing required is inputting the the actual compensation of the addeded or deleted beneficiaries, when ASSIDM will ask the Company for the definitive data.

How can I add/delete/transfer a beneficiary from existing healthcare plans?

Within the reserved area, you must select the risk status of your interest, access the risk status “to be modified” and subsequently access the dedicated domain, thus apporting your preferred changes.

When can I enter / delete / transfer a beneficiary in the risk status?

Registrations and cancellations are possible starting from the first day of the current month.

How can I verify my accounting position, as well as reimbursement requests?

Within the reserved area, you have to select the voice “accounting position”. From there you will be able to verify the company accounting position and the details of your reimbursement requests. In correspondence with the “communications” item of the menu, you will find any communication sent by Assidim.

I aldready received the contribution request in order to renew my plan, but I need to input some changes in the risk status. How can I do it?

By December 31st it is still possible to input changes, valid from January 1st of next year. ASSIDIM will not issue a new renewal contribution request, but eventual differences in balance will be requested in the balance adjustment.

Starting from January 1st it is still possible to input changes in the risk status, but only starting validity from January 2nd. In this case as well, eventual differences in balance will be requested in the balance adjustment.

What is the contribution request composed of? What to consider in order to pay?

The contribution request is composed of a general part - "ALL" and the details of each plan. In order to pay you need to consider the total of the request "ALL".

For further information, visit the website page with video tutorials: https://www.assidim.it/video-tutorial/

Which documents do I need to upload to receive a reimbursement?

You always need to upload the medical diagnosis/prescription and the invoice. The diagnosis shall be produced by a certified doctor. As per dental care, a written estimate of the costs is valid as diagnosis. As per eye care, you need a written certification of the change of vision.

I want to gather some information regarding my claim n. “MXYZ”

For information on your practices, access your reserved area and, on the homepage, you will find a summary of the requests sent. All the practices are tracked therefore, by clicking on each of them, you can view the detail relating to the processing status of the same. If you still have doubts or need further information regarding partial or rejected refunds, you can enter in your Reserved Area and click on the “Customer Care Contacts” box and request assistance.

My account is blocked for 24 hours

You need to wait for the 24 hours to pass, after that the system will automatically unblock itself. 

I am unable to access my reserved area

You can access your reserved area after a week from your inclusion in the healthcare plan.

If I go abroad, am I covered by my healthcare plan?

You need to verify in the item “nucleus/group” of your healthcare plan whether your coverage plan is valid abroad or not. After that, you can download the statement through the item “healthcare plan”. The declaration of validity is available both in English and Italian. It is important to remember that the healthcare plan benefits are only provided in the form of reimbursement.

I have an upcoming medical treatment: how can I avoid anticipating the expense?

Through My Rete network (www.myrete.it) you can access to medical centres and doctors. In order to request a treatment, within the www.assidim.itweb site reserved area, click on the "access providers network" box, enter the appointment information and upload the medical prescription. For further information about MyRete Network access, you can enter in your Reserved Area and click on the “Customer Care Contacts” box and request assistance.

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If you are a medical facility or dentist interested in signing up with MyRete, send a presentation email to proposalconvenzionazione@myrete.it indicating the office details and a telephone number to be contacted.


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